The Account object is used to return information about the account as well as the ability to make changes to the account as needed.

POST Account/AddAccountContactMethod

Add an email address or SMS text address to an account. SMS number should be formatted in +countrycode-AreaCode-Phone (+1949-455-3234).

POST Account/AddLocation

Add a known location to an account.

POST Account/AddGeoFence/{id}

Add a new Geo-Fence to an account.

POST Account/UpdateGeoFenceRadius/{id}

Update the radius of a Geo-Fence.

POST Account/Update

Update Account information.

POST Account/UpdateNotificationSettings

Update account notification settings

GET Account/Vehicles

Get all of the vehicles associated with an account.

GET Account/GeoFences

Get all of the Geo-Fences associated with an account

GET Account/Information

Get Account Information

GET Account/Locations

Get all locations associated with an account

GET Account/Notifications

Get all notifications associated with an account.

GET Account/NotificationsSettings

Get notification settings for an account.

GET Account/TimeZones

Get all time zones.

GET Account/ContactMethods

Get contact methods for an account.


Vehicle Control

GET VehicleControl/FlashLights/{id}

Flash the lights on the vehicle

GET VehicleControl/HonkHorn/{id}

Honks the horn on the vehicle

GET VehicleControl/LockDoors/{id}

Lock the doors on the vehicle

GET VehicleControl/OpenChargePort/{id}

Open charge port on the vehicle

GET VehicleControl/ValetMode/{id}

Set Valet Mode

GET VehicleControl/StartCharging/{id}

Start Charging

GET VehicleControl/StartClimate/{id}

Start Climate

GET VehicleControl/StopCharging/{id}

Stop charging on the vehicle

GET VehicleControl/StopClimate/{id}

Stop Climate

GET VehicleControl/UnlockDoors/{id}

Unlock doors on the vehicle

GET VehicleControl/Wake/{id}

Wake up the vehicle


Vehicle Information

GET Vehicle/QuickInfo/{id}

Get quick high-level information about the vehicle.

GET Vehicle/DriveHistory/{id}

Get drive history for a vehicle

GET Vehicle/DriveInfo/{id}

Get information about a specfic drive

GET Vehicle/DriveExtendedInfo/{id}

Get information about a specfic drive

GET Vehicle/DriveEnergy/{id}

Get information energy use for a specfic drive

GET Vehicle/SmartClimateKnowledge/{id}

Get information related to SmartClimate

GET Vehicle/SuperChargers/{id}

Get information about Super Chargers at or near the vehicle

GET Vehicle/PerformanceStats/{id}

Get information related to performance for a vehicle.

GET Vehicle/Chargers/{id}

Get information chargers in which have been used by a vehicle.

GET Vehicle/ChargerEnergyCosts/{id}

Get information about cost rates for a particular charger

GET Vehicle/Charges/{id}

Get information about vehicle charge history

GET Vehicle/CollectionSettings/{id}

Get information about vehicle data collection settings.

POST Vehicle/UpdateVehicleCollectionSettings/{id}

Update vehicle collection settings

POST Vehicle/UpdateCharger/{id}

Update general charger information.

POST Vehicle/UpdateChargerCostRate/{id}

Update charger cost rate

POST Vehicle/UpdateChargerSubCostRate/{id}

Update energy sub cost rate

GET Vehicle/CommonDestinations/{id}

Common destination a vehicle has travelled to.

GET Vehicle/DailyEnergy/{id}

Daily energy needs of a vehicle.

GET Vehicle/Routes/{id}

Common routes a vehicle takes.

POST Vehicle/AddSmartSchedule/{id}

Create custom SmartClimate schedule for a vehicle.